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What is Ekio?

Ekio is a Swiss-based engineering consultancy firm, established in 2023. We specialize in providing comprehensive product development and design services to guide our clients from conceptualization to product realization. Our founders bring technical expertise, from requirements definition to product market launch, including design and development, industrialization, as well as a strong focus on industrial design, consumer experience, and human-machine interface.

Bastien De Marco

Mathilde Crettaz

Product Expertise: We hold a deep understanding of medical product development, including certifications and regulatory compliance, making us a valuable partner in the wearable, healthcare, automotive, spatial and watchmaking sectors.

Client-Centric Approach: Ekio primarily serves small to medium-sized enterprises and startups, setting us apart from larger firms. We tailor our solutions to address specific needs and achieve our clients’ goals.

Unwavering Integrity: Our commitment to client success is underpinned by our honest and forthright approach. We are not afraid to challenge initial concepts to ensure the creation of products that align with both our clients' expectations and their true needs.

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